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Subject: Google news alert - 30th July – 5th August 2011

Please note that some of these Alerts offer the opportunity for comments to be added to the discussion boards and it is hoped that recipients of this e-mail will add their views. It is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of widely read free publicity and explain the anti-cull arguments to the general public.

Thursday 4th August

Thousands petition against badger cull
Thousands of people have signed up to a campaign calling on the government to rethink its plans for a badger cull to combat cattle tuberculosis. As Farmers Weekly went to press, an online petition by campaign group 38 Degrees was set to pass 20000 ...

Wednesday 3rd August

‘FARMERS are being urged to help in the fight against the spread of bovine TB in Cumbria by reporting on the whereabouts of badger setts.’

Think again on badgers
Wirral News
ŠI continue to support a science-led approach to dealing with bovine TB which shows that vaccination offers the best hope of effectively tackling BTB in the long term. Last year the Government halted five of the six vaccine pilots that were ...

Tuesday 2nd August

Plan for badger cull is slammed as 'sickening'
Eastbourne Today
A WILDLIFE rescuer has described the government's decision to allow badgers to be culled as 'sickening'. The RSPCA is also devastated that, following years of contentious debate, the government has told Sussex farmer they can hire marksmen to shoot the ...

Badgers dragged from setts forced into dog fighting
Teesdale Mercury
BADGERS are being ripped from setts in Teesdale and shipped to other parts of the UK where they are forced to fight with dogs, according to a local wildlife trust. Graham Temby, from the County Durham Badger Trust, said gangs travel to Teesdale and ...,3503.html

Communication needed if Animal Health is to keep TB out of Cumbria
Farming UK
'Regular communication between Animal Health, vets and farmers is vital if the agricultural industry is to stop bovine TB from becoming established in Cumbria,' says the NFU's North West Dairy Board Chairman. Russell Bowman, of Castlerigg Farm in ...

Monday 1st August 2011

38 Degrees campaigners join fight against bovine TB badger cull
Ministers say shooting the animals will stop bovine TB, which is causing 25000 cattle a year to be slaughtered. But 13000 people have signed a petition by lobby group 38 Degrees to consider more effective options, after official advisers said a mass ...
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Farmers urged to report badger setts in fight against bovine TB
Westmorland Gazette
FARMERS are being urged to help in the fight against the spread of bovine TB in Cumbria by reporting on the whereabouts of badger setts. The call was made by veterinary officer Tanis Brough as she addressed a public meeting at Stoneybeck Inn, Penrith, ...
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Badgers discovered on proposed 1200-home site
Cambridge News
Badgers have been discovered on land where a controversial 1200 home development is planned, an inquiry heard. The presence of the animals at Hatchfield Farm could prolong the planning inquiry into the proposed development and delay work on the site, ...
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Badger protesters mobilise for battle
The Independent
By Lewis Smith The fight to stop thousands of badgers being culled has been joined by the campaign group which played a key role in forcing the Government to drop plans to sell off forests. The involvement of 38 Degrees heaps more pressure on the ...
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Sunday 31st July

Campaigners aim to stop badger cull
The Independent
By David Wilcock A campaign group which helped force the Government into an embarrassing u-turn over plans to sell off forests has set its sights on stopping a planned cull of badgers. The Government announced earlier this month that it would press ...
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By Stuart Winter, Environment Editor FARMER Dick Roper has vowed not to shoot badgers on his land but to feed them a daily dose of health supplements to prevent the spread of a deadly disease hitting dairy herds. Badgers are due to be shot in a cull ...
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Saturday 30th July

Minister for the Environment and Sustainable development on fact ...
Farming UK
... demonstrates a link between the disease in badgers and cattle. ... we will never win this battle alone and it requires Welsh Government to deal also ...

Forest campaigners launch mission to stop badger cull
This is Somerset
The pressure group that forced the Government into a U-turn on the sell-off of forests has launched a campaign to halt the proposed cull of badgers. But a West Country MP last night labelled 38 Degrees as an “urban pressure group that does not ...
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Giving badgers the bullet is 'a very bold course, minister'
Financial Times
Such was the widespread expectation last week, after Caroline Spelman, environment minister, announced she was “strongly minded” to authorise a nationwide badger cull. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that badgers are carriers of bovine ...
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